Foiler - The Flying Yacht

FOILER: Combining a beautiful design and the latest technologies from the racing world, it is developed to navigate at high-speed while still being secure and stable. Inspired from a dream to create a new way to explore the seas, the Foiler Spirit brings you the technology of the America’s Cup in your private motor yacht. Using ENATA’s expertise, the fully carbon built Foiler Spirit will turn heads and open a new way of exploring the seas. 

Foiler är en El-dieselhybrid båt med foiler (Bärplan). 

Längd  9,80 
Bredd  7,20 
Djupt   1,90 
Motor V8 diesel 2x370 hk 
Fart Cruising 18-35 knop 
Fart Foiling max 40 knop 
Categori B

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